Kinley Jacqueline Kennedy | 15 | Freshman | Hailee Steinfeld

Reincarnation | Phantasos was the spirit of dreams of fantasy, who takes shape of inanimate objects.

”Reading is like a safe adventure.”

Open | Taken | Reserved

Kinley’s past:

As the youngest of the Kennedy family, not only was Kinley coddled and pampered by her parents but also by her siblings. Kinley always had someone to play with, whether it was her big brother throwing her in the air or her mother letting her play with make-up, Kinley never found herself bored. There was one thing Kinley has relished since she was very little: reading. Before Kinley could  even read herself she fell in love with books, convincing her father to read her a story every night before she fell asleep. Sometimes he even read her two, if she was lucky. Kinley spent hours and hours exploring the Kennedy house, trying to find the best quiet reading places. At the age of six, Kinley had convinced her whole family to re-enact many of her favourite scenes from Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings.

Not a complaint was ever heard from Kinley when she was home schooled as home schooling gave her more time to read. She buries herself in books, rarely paying attention to anything around her. She sometimes dramatically looks out of the window, dreaming of going on adventures and experiencing things she has only read in books. When it came time for Kinley to be sent off to Allegory just like her older siblings, Kinley was excited and fearful at the same time. She doesn’t like change and avoids it at all costs, however she hopes that Allegory will force her out of her shell and she will be able to participate in many adventures just like the ones in her favourite books.

What Kinley is like:

Kinley is very much the opposite of her siblings. While her brother enjoys outdoors and her sister loves to explore the world, Kinley favors reading inside. She has always loved books and movies, anything that would widen her imagination. She is reserved and shy when meeting new people, very rarely introducing herself to strangers. Notwithstanding her shyness, Kinley seems to be very comfortable and silly around people she is familiar with such as her siblings and cousins. Kinley lives in her own little world, rarely concerning herself with other people’s business.

Over the years, Kinley has attained a lot of knowledge as she has read more books than many adults. She knows many irrelevant facts, however she is also one of the brightest students in the freshman class. Although Kinley is shy, she has a great sense of humor and knows how to lighten the mood. Her witty comments are rarely heard but they have the ability to make each and every person smile. Living a sheltered life, Kinley finds it easy to look at the best things in people and not realize how manipulative some people are. Her upbringing has caused Kinley to be very naive which is how she has been her whole life.


  1. Kevin John Kennedy and Kellyn Jacqueline Kennedy – Her older brother and sister.
  2. Summer Angelou Buffett and Caleb Solomon Buffett – Her cousins

Dominant traits:

Will Andrew Thorne | 17 | Junior | Jeremy Irvine

Open | Taken | Reserved

Reincarnation | Lelantos was the titan of air and the hunter’s skill of stalking prey.

“Creativity, imagination and energy are my favorite combination.”

Will’s past:

Will grew up in the country near the West Coast. He and his siblings grew up close to the nature – their house was near a forest as well as the beach. Early on Will developed a love for nature and he doesn’t consider himself a city kid. Whenever there is a chance, he jumps at the chance to go to the beach or camping, or anything really that gets him out of the ‘concrete jungle’ as he likes to say. His parents are also very involved with nature – they are environment activists. While it is not a career Will would like to pursue, he appreciates the work his parents do and tries to help them whenever he can.

Will has two brothers, one younger and one older, who he loves dearly. He has a pretty close bond with both of them. Whenever Will is back home, they all play sports outside and go to the beach. Both of his brothers are very into surfing. Before they picked it up, Will had no idea how to surf. Eventually he picked it up thought it was a long and painful process, at least for Will. He realized that it was hard for him to pick up the moves and wanted to give up on more than one occasion. However, this experience made him bond with his brothers as they pushed him to learn how to surf. 

What Will is like:

Will is a part of the Usual Suspects. He is one of the sportiest guys on campus being a part of the football, volleyball and also swim teams. Sport is a way for Will stays in shape all the time. Also, he is known to be very energetic and always up for some mischief. Playing sport is a way for Will to get rid of all that energy that he can’t get rid of otherwise. His energy is combined with a rather imaginary mind so Will is always up to something; the boy is always in motion, doing something. If this is not the case, those who know him can easily notice that something is wrong or bothering him.

Will might come off as cold to those who don’t really know him. Over the years he has simply become cautious of who he trusts. While he is energetic and open, he closes off to people he doesn’t know. Will doesn’t like to be judged by people who don’t know him so he simply does not give them a reason to judge the real him. Lucky for Will, he doesn’t listen to the rumors that circulate around school and thus isn’t bothered about what prejudiced people might have to say about him. 


  1. Kendall Sutton King - best friends
  2. Julia Kat Carter - friends, crush

Dominant traits:

  • Athletic
  • Cautious
  • Energetic