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We’re OC Greek Mythology RP with some pre-made characters. We have some great and popular FCs still left so why don’t you submit a nice little app to us? It’d make me incredibly happy!

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Anonymous: How active is this rp?
I think we’re pretty active, anon! Not to toot our own horn or anything but— we have members coming in and out of the dash often. There’s a bit of a lag at times when some of the rpers go to bed but starters aren’t usually ignored. You could post a starter at night and someone’s bound to reply despite it being the next morning! I’m biased, of course, though I think we’re definitely worth taking a chance on.
— Admin R


I’m so sorry that I haven’t checked in recently. Things might’ve gotten a little hectic for me in the real world but, hey, that’s what an admin team is for! We currently have one other app in our inbox for Hera; however, I’m waiting on another admin’s opinion before doing anything. Since I’m mobile, I can’t update the FCs list right off the bat— but we now have a Psyche! Care to send in questions or applications while I’m still on?
— Admin R


Caillou Rae Marvil | 17 | Junior | Behati Prinsloo

Open | Taken | Reserved

Reincarnation | Nike is the winged goddess or spirit of victory, both in battle and peaceful competition.

“Behind every successful woman is herself.”

Caillou’s past:

There are few things that could possibly come to someone’s mind when they hear the last name Marvil. The popular Marvel comic company or it’s limited series titled Marville, the adjective ‘marvelous’, oh yeah, and the highest rating day time talk show host in America, Cecily Marvil. The Day Show, Today has been interviewing the most talked about celebrities and filling the public in on their lives and projects for almost ten years, bringing the host, wife, and mother’s family quite close to the spotlight. This is where Caillou, the woman’s youngest and most extroverted daughter, comes into play. When you grow up meeting and talking to celebrities and socialites every other day you tend to be a bit different from the typical girl. Shiny cars and flashing lights don’t phase you, so you start to look for the simpler things in life. At least, that’s what happened in this case.

The rambunctious teen, living quite the privileged lifestyle, has been enrolled in private schools since she was just a child. It was decided early on that she wouldn’t get home tutored, for fear of not branching out and meeting new people, but could not be sent to public school either. Caillou has never been anything but okay with this, taking a liking to new people and interaction from the start. When it came to enrolling in high school it was planned that Cai would attend the same school her older sisters, Rian and Elena, attend. Of course, that was until an envelope from Allegory Academy arrived in the mail. The rest, as ‘they’ often say in wistful tones, is history.

What Caillou is like:

Long, wavy hair somewhere between light brunette and honey blonde, visibly soft and supple light tanned skin, big hazel eyes, and a hard to forget smile— spotting Caillou is like looking at the sun, it’s almost too much all at once. It’s likely that she would come off as unapproachable if it weren’t for her signature ‘C’ attitude (casual, calm, cool, collected). Because when you take a moment to observe the girl you not only see a peak physical appearance, but a warmness as well. Caillou’s unique mixture of energy and calmness makes her out to be what is commonly referred to as the cool chick. Not meant to be said in the sense of popularity, although she is one to always be making friends and introducing herself to people, but in a sense of stature. Upon first meeting her one would take note of her carelessness, competitive edge, and overall go-with-the-flow sensibility.

Each of these traits attribute to Caillou’s reputation on campus greatly. When it comes to confrontation and conflict she’s never the first to raise a fist or yell profanities seriously; if there’s a simple solution, it’s only logical to go with it instead. These matters don’t come up very often though, given the fact that the brunette is open-minded enough to accept a wide range of people as friends. The party girl who comes to class with a hangover every Monday? Caillou was one of the people out with her last night. The quiet, almost unnoticeable boy in the corner reading off of his Nook? Caillou chatted him up about female protagonists in modern literature two class periods ago. When it comes to guys, this chick is nerveless. She always happens to be the first to approach a group of hotties, while the rest of her friends stand back and giggle at the scene. Dorky pick-up lines happen on the daily, because after all, a day without laughter is a day wasted. On the flip side, if someone were to challenge her in anything, well, things could turn competitively ugly. Sports, academics— you name it, she’s done it and just maybe better than you.

Caillou’s position within the classroom isn’t all that you’d expect. No, she isn’t the class clown who you can bet your minimum wage is going to get in trouble the next day, but she does manage to joke around and showcase her personality while still being good with all of the teaching staff. Speaking her mind is considered participation, and most of the academic authority would rather take that over a silent, uninterested classroom anyway.


  1. Shiloh Ross  - best friends

Dominant traits:

  • Layed back
  • Competitive
  • Honest

Heeey There! Admin D, just updating all the lists and such so shoot me some questions while I’m here. And send in those wonderful applications.

We’re an OC greek mythology personified RP with pre-made bios and really awesome and friendly people. I promise your starter won’t be ignored! Isn’t that great? We have tons of popular FCs that are still up for grabs. We’d especially love to have more guys, but girls are cool too.

I did it! Apparently it’s possible to update pages on mobile; however, I hope that you’ll never have to as it’s sort of difficult. The FC changes should be on there now! I’ll be back online tomorrow and hopefully get all the info for William so I can place him on the list as well. While I’m gone, feel free to send in questions or apps. I’d love to hear from you all!
— Admin R

I’ve got about an hour before dinner at my aunt’s place so I’ll try answering all the asks in our inbox before then! Currently stuck on the mobile monster so I won’t be able to update any lists but I’ll do what I can. Anyone lurking in the tags should definitely check us out. We’ve got amazing members and a stellar plot. I’m totally prepared to love you down as well!
— Admin R

Two new changes to the master list! Just so no one gets confused. Our Rowan rper has decided to change the character’s FC to Crystal Reed. As we have a premade with that FC, her graphics will be changed eventually to another FC. I put Kat Graham in as a substitute but here’s hoping the change is cool with the other admins because she’s perfect.

Rowan Lewallen is a 17 year old Junior who looks like Crystal Reed and is the reincarnation of Hedone,  spirit of pleasure, enjoyment, and delight.

Zoe Mills is a 17 year old Senior who looks like Kat Graham and is the reincarnation of Methe, the nymph of drunkenness.

— Admin R

I’m totally not half asleep right now. Nope, not me. I’m awake bright and early because I’ll be leaving my cousin’s house today — meaning I probably won’t be able to use another computer until next month. I’m going to try to do as much as possible for the few minutes I can be on! Come and check us out? I promise you won’t regret it.
— Admin R

I just wanted to give everyone a big heads up and say that I’ve added the two newest characters onto our FCs list. You’ll be seeing these students grace your dashboards very soon!

Bo Camryn is a 18 year old Junior who looks like Scarlett Johansson and is the reincarnation of Eris, the goddess of discord.

Connor Wirl is a 18 year old Senior who looks like Dave Franco and is the reincarnation of Atlas, the titan god of astronomy and navigation, and the personification of endurance.

I can’t wait for all the upcoming plots that these two will bring to the table — as well as the amazing plots everyone already have in store!

— Admin R